Big Sandy Community and Technical College Big Sandy has four campuses, Prestonsburg, Pikeville, Mayo, and Hager Hill
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Counseling Services

Providing Academic, Career, and Personal Counseling

The BSCTC Counseling area is composed of 5 counselors and a disability services coordinator covering 4 campuses.  Services provided by the counseling department include: academic counseling, career counseling, personal counseling, advising/scheduling, CATS Center (transfer information, employment information, resume writing and cover letters), interpreting test scores (referring students to developmental classes), probation & suspension notification letters, academic bankruptcy, disability services, scholarships, high school recruitment, complete paperwork for Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and Veterans Services.  From Fall 2005 – Spring 2007, over 6000 students have been assisted by the counseling department.

Mayo Campus & Hager Hill Campus
Juanita Fannin, Director of Counseling (606) 789-5321 ext. 82819
Jeff Hicks, College Counselor ((606) 789-5321 ext. 82850

Pikeville Campus
Elizabeth Cole, College Counselor (606) 218-2060 ext. 81215

Prestonsburg Campus
Beverly Martin, College Counselor (606) 889-4809
Lillian O’Bryan, College Counselor (606) 889-4793

Disability Support Services
Janie Beverley, Coordinator for Disability Support Services, (606) 886-7359,
or toll-free 888-641-4132, ext. 67359